Our Business

It has always been my dream to have my own bookstore.  Serenity Books & Gifts opened January 1, 2016 and fulfilled that dream.  We added the coffee shop in 2018, and music in 2019.  We love our little business and all of the customers who continue to make it possible to live my dream.  We have some big plans for this tiny place and it seems to be a constant work in progress, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Please enjoy these photos of the progress we have made!

Our Family

We are a close knit family who enjoy going on adventures together.  We go through life with a sense of humor and an attitude of gratitude.  

Misty McDaniel

Owner.  Loves dogs, books, coffee, and music.  Nerdy. Loves Firefly, Harry Potter, & Buffy.

I am at the store daily unless we are on vacation.  

Brad McDaniel

The music guy.  Teaches guitar, buys vinyl.  Works elsewhere full time, but appears at lunch every day. Loves Star Wars and The Expanse.

Trinity McDaniel

Youngest child.  Slightly dramatic.  Gamer. Loves adventure. Introvert. Most of her friends live in the computer.  Sits in the window and does school all day.  Occasionally makes coffee and moves books. Loves Zelda and wolves.

Justin & family

Oldest child.  Lives in Hemphill.  Justin and family make frequent appearances at the shop.

Ben Lawrence

Middle child.  Musician.  Lives in San Antonio. Only appears at Christmas.

Our Adventures

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